Who We Are

Board of Directors


Spontaneous, adventurous and crazy as she is, it was Jennifer and Leonie who came up with the idea to found an organisation to support children in their education while enjoying a glass of wine and cheese. It started out only as a simple thought but she followed it through with persistence and enthusiasm. When it comes to research or creativity, she is our contact person. Also, she takes care of rather not so creative paperwork, taxes etc. After she came back from South Africa, she studied in Berlin and is now doing her Masters in Italy.


Being a person with determination and persistence Nina is a gain for the whole Tsala ya Africa team. Her way of working on a project is admirable and we are thankful for her help. 2015/2016 she volunteered in Tlholego and we soon knew that she would become part of the Tsala ya Africa family. Back in Germany Nina is studying Mechanical Engineering at the university in Hamburg.


If you need to be realistic, Pia is the one to go to; one reason why she is our treasurer. Although she is the youngest, she often behaves as if she is the eldest, unless she feels the need to make an ironic comment. Nevertheless, she is responsible and always brings us back down to earth if we have too many utopian ideas. After her year in South Africa, she studied economics in Bolzano, Italy and is now doing her masters in Boston, USA.


Jeanne became member of the board in February 2019. She has been a part of Tsala ya Africa since its foundation, has been involved in many things and has always helped the association wherever she can. Now she will support us even more as a board member and contribute her skills to our work. As a trained office administrator, she has a lot of work experience and Tsala will profit from her professionalism and her know-how. In addition to her talent for organisation, Jeanne always has good ideas, is very creative and, like all of us, has the "helper syndrome".

Our Helping Hands


We all knew from the start that Leonie will put her heart and mind in the foundation and work of our organisation. In 2012, she volunteered for a year and returned to South Africa after only a short stay in Germany. Optimistic, visionary, and imaginative as she is, she supports the work of our organisation repeatedly even when it seems like there are too many obstacles. She cooperates closely with Tlholego und maintains the contact. She is now back in Germany and continues her education in the field of sustainable agriculture, so she can return to Africa and share this knowledge.


Of course, a bit of patience is always needed in a project. Luckily, we have Rebecca. Not only is she patient but also reasonable when we have dreamy ideas. Her optimism and her trait to always see the good in people are particularly useful for her work with our children. Therefore, she taught mathematics at the local school in South Africa. Now she is studying German and Catholic Theology for elementary education in Hildesheim.


Moni is responsible for our newsletter. She is always up to date when it comes to the latest information about our projects and the current situation in South Africa. She sends out monthly newsletters with the main facts to keep everyone informed. Apart from that she is keeping contact to our donors and answering all their questions. Moni is always available to help wherever needed in case one of the others is not able to fulfil their tasks. Thanks to her talent for organizing and her commitment Moni is a great support for Tsala ya Africa e.V.


Daniel is our IT- and Graphic manager. He keeps our website up to date, creates content and is responsible for all the videos and images. As our personal photographer he joined our visit to South Africa in 2017 to provide us with new photo and movie material.


Lea volunteered in South Africa in 2016/17. After her stay we met at a returnee seminar in Germany. Through her open and positive personality, she quickly became a part of us and brings new ideas and own projects into the association. Her enthusiasm for politics and culture is also reflected in her professional career. She is now studying political science and administration.


Studying psychology, Hannah spent 7 months in Uganda and worked there with former child soldiers. She couldn't let go of Africa either, so she get in touch with our organization through Jenny, as they have been class mates. Through her several social projects, she supports us with practical ideas and a huge network, such that our association becomes better known. And last but not least her love of photography helps us with our Instagram posts.