New Project: Kindergarden
27. February 2019

Since January 2019 we finance a kindergarten for (so far) five children on the property of Tlholego. Since the children are still too young to go to school, it is often difficult for the parents to go to work or to find work at all. We also noticed that it was particularly difficult for the other children to go to a boarding school after five years at home. So we want to prepare the little ones to go to school, teach them a bit of English and some basic numbers.

We rent a room on Tlholego that can accommodate up to 20 children and finance books, pens, footballs and other materials. In addition, the children receive breakfast and lunch every day, which they prepare together. The caretaker is Emilia, a South African young woman from Rustenburg (20km away). She has studied social work and now wants to make use of her skills.

We would like to see how quickly the children get used to their new everyday life and then increase the number of children. There are many children living in the area who could come to Emilia and relieve their parents a little.

On Facebook we will keep you up to date and provide you with pictures and information about our new project! Also, you can find here regularly the report of Emilia.

If you want to support the kindergarten directly, you can do this in your by mentioning it in the subject line and we will make sure that your money only goes there and for no other projects.


For more Information visit: Project Kindergarden


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