Our partners & supporters

Our Partners & Supporters

Without the help and cooperation of our partners and supporters, we could not have achieved many things. For this reason we thank:

Abart Digital

The technical implementation of the website is ensured by AbartDigital, who work for us on a pro bono basis.


We are happy to announce that our flyers were printed environmentally friendly –  with renewable energy and on paper that is 100% recycled. 

HK adVaNce

We would like to thank the non-profit LLC from Speyer, which supports us financially in our projects as well as with its existing network.

Rotary Speyer

A service club from Speyer, which supports us both financially and with its existing network.

Rucore Sustainability Foundation

The non-profit organisation from South Africa is our direct local partner. They also support the Tlholego farm, which is one of them.