12. June 2017
Atlegang Nakedi
Meaning:Successful. Each name has a meaning in Setswana. In most cases, the name is defined on the day of birth.
Nickname:Scampi. Her nickname comes from a friend of her parents named Maskampi. She is an immensely lively woman who is active in all that she does, who scarcely listens to reason, and is often stubborn. Throughout her life Atlegang has joyously reminded everyone of the origin of her name.
Birthday:March 26, 2007
Favorite animal:Unicorn
Favorite color:Gold
What does she want to be?:She wants to become a teacher.

When she is not in school, she is free to do what she is interested in and passionate about. Her interests and passions gravitate towards gymnastics, dancing and jumping. That she does until she has to go to sleep. Sleep does not sit well with Skampi, for she thinks it is simply a waste of precious time. Time in which she could discover, explore and dream. Sleep isn’t high on her chart of importance; therefore, she only sleeps about five hours a night. She claims five hours replenish her energy and are all she needs. Being highly energetic already, her parents refrain from giving her sugar to avoid bursts of even more uncontainable energy.

Skampi wants to help in any way she can. Her little head is often popping up waiting to be assigned a task to help. She never gives up. Succeeding is vital to her. She has an incredible ambition for things that are joyous and life giving. She is an extraordinary child. She is open, active, giving and kind. At first glance, she can come off strong and defiant, yet she is always seeking warmth and care from those around her. Sitting still and trying to work out math equations proves a bit difficult. That is why she all surprised us when she was awarded in school being the best student in her class.

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