12. June 2017
Bokamoso Maholo
Meaning:The Future
Birthday:January 17, 2005
Favorite animal:Butterfly
Favorite color:Yellow
What does she want to be?:Mimi wants to be a cook.

Mimi is just adorable. With her quiet and shy nature she brings some order into the chaos of the other children. She will sit at the table painting a family in front of a big house with a garden and singing softly to herself. She needs time to get used to strangers and is very careful with everything she is doing. Nevertheless, she takes part in any game or adventure of the children and the group will not play without her. When she discovered the box with the carnival costumes, she was blown away. Since then, she dresses up as often as possible, preferably as a mermaid or a bride.

She would be the favourite student of all teachers. If the others have no desire to do English exercises and try to sneak to the toys, Mimi asks for the next worksheet. We think that she is acting more mature than some adults here and her mind probably is busier than it seems after all.

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