12. June 2017
Kamogelo Nakedi
Birthday:March 26, 2004
Favorite animal:Lion
Favorite color:blue and green
What does he want to be?:Kamogelo definitely wants to make something handcrafted. Already he builds huts made of branches or toys made of wire. He incredibly draws cars and tractors and craftsmanship and is very talented. But sometimes he is rather a wrestler and can thus get rid of his energy. What he definitely wants to do is to travel in the US and see all the sights which are shown in all the adventure movies.

Kamogelo is the older brother for all children. He is the boss and he is proud of it. Everybody can rely on him and if anybody has a problem Kamogelo is always about to help. He and his sister Pantsi are inseparable.

Kamogelo is very ambitious and perfectionist. Hence he usually gets mad if he does not succeed with his homework and he has to ask someone else for help. He loves to draw and is quite talented. Since he knows that he wants to be a scientist, he is interested in everything technical and his biggest dream is to build a robot. For his age, he is also quite a charmer and all the girls are always pleased about love letters from him.

Outwardly Kamogelo is a pretty tough guy who never shows weakness in front of his friends, but if you spend time with him, he is probably the loveliest boy here in Africa and we hope that he will succeed in life with his ambition and diligence.

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