12. June 2017
Kgalalelo Nakedi
Meaning:The Bright One
Birthday:July 01, 2009
Favorite animal:Fish
Favorite color:Yellow
What does he want to be?:He wants to become an excavator driver.

Kgali is really curious and always there, if anything interesting is happening, especially when the men are working with the tractor or excavator. He is never seen without his toy excavator. When he is home from school on weekends or during holidays, he is always watching the three little girls Motlotleng, Onkarabile and Bembe. That is why you see him wandering around with a baby on his arms most of the time. However, if you pay more attention to the little ones than to him, he gets jealous and wants you to carry him instead of the babies.

His favourite activity besides helping everyone and advising them how to do it right is to build houses out of books, cardboards and clay showing his wild imagination. For him a piece of plastic can easily become a pet monkey, music a fire in a fireplace and a chair a car. Actually, everything can be a car, but there must be a car for sure.

The name Kgalalelo suits him pretty well because he really is a bright one. He has a fast-learning and clever mind, speaks a fluent English and least of all wants to know everything. He finds it boring to sit down and study since he likes being outside exploring the surroundings.

Kgali is our little sunshine, you can never be angry with him. With his happiness and curiosity he makes us laugh all the time and we would probably all like to take him to Germany with us.

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