12. June 2017
Tshepang Nakedi
Birthday:March 5, 2006 It only is a real birthday, if there is cake. She claims: No cake, no party!
Favorite animal:Springbok because they run so beautiful and jump (Springbok is like an antelope)
Favorite color:pink
What does she want to be?:A social worker, so that she can help others.

Pantsi is very girly and loves to dress up or to try the make-up of the volunteers. She knows exactly what she wants, whether it is about her clothes or her future. At the age of 4, she decided to go to school with her brother one morning, just to see what they do. She liked it so much, that she did not want to leave. A year later she started school as a 5-year-old. She is incredibly smart and her English is getting better every day. She is very proud that she and her brother are one of the few in the area that can speak English so well. Therefore, she helped us as an interpreter more than once.

What she cannot stand is when we want to go to town with a stain on the shirt or dirty shoes. This is almost as bad as she noticing a stain on her shirt, just before she is on her way to town. It is taken for granted to look nice when you go to the city. Everyone knows that here. In the rural area you might do mudslinging and dig in the dirt, but not in the city! Therefore she will give you a lecture on how to dress every time so that you will have to change just to be watched by Pantsi’s critical eye again.

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