Club founding

Our Intention
If you decide to spend a year in South Africa, some people will think you are crazy. For a year you will get water from the well, have no showers, eat only maize porridge and live with a high criminality rate.

Club founding


Well, we had this also mind in the beginning. Nevertheless, we took the risk and quickly realized that our idea of Africa does not correspond to the truth at all. Instead, we have met people, who are full of the joys of life and made new friends, who opened their hearts for us. The water quality was excellent and came straight out of the tap of a functioning pump system. Even a shower with hot water was provided. Since we stayed at a farm, we had the most delicious vegetables to eat. The best part about it is that we learned how to cultivate them ourselves and to harvest the seeds to replant them the next summer.

One evening we sat together to watch one of the incredible sunsets and to enjoy some wine and cheese – yes, you can get almost everything you know from Germany or the US in South Africa as well – and thought that we need to stay connected to our new brothers and sisters, friends and surrogate parents. The idea to found Tsala ya Africa was born.


This idea quickly developed into specific plans for our organization. We didn’t hesitate but put those plans into action. After several months filled with feelings of uncertainty and anticipation and spending many hours on the computer we finally managed to set up Tsala ya Africa. And here we are!

The warmth and openness that have always accompanied us in South Africa and after our stay there, are the guiding principle of Tsala ya Africa. We want to establish and maintain a friendly and open relationship with our patrons and supporters. Especially the transparency and personal contact between Africa and Germany is important to us. That is why we ask you to support us in any way possible, financially or by spreading our idea and inspiring people. We and especially the children of our new home will thank you!

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