Every Donation helps.
With your donation you take part of supporting the african education system.

Why help us?

  • We are a small association, 100% charitable and except for bank transfer costs, all donations go directly to South Africa
  • The board and all our team members work voluntarily in the association and receive no expense allowance or payment
  • We know all the children personally, have contact with the parents and local organisations

How you can help

Donations in kind

We are always organizing flea markets with which we can raise a lot of money that goes directly to South Africa. If you have things you do not need anymore, please write us!

You can always find our next flea market dates on Facebook.

Amazon Smile

If you shop on Amazon, you can specify us at Amazon Smile. This way we get a small amount of money with each of your purchases.




Tell others about us

When we were founded, only our families and friends knew us. Nowadays more people know us and we live from spontaneous meetings, networks and cooperations. Feel free to tell others about us or write to us if you want to know more, want to participate, or want to help in any other way.



Feel free to check out Betterplace, where we organize crowdfunding campaigns from time to time.

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