Our Goals

Every child has the right to an education
You can help to put this right into action!

Our Goals

Support education in Africa

We would like to take the first step and begin to implement this right by offering a quality eduaction to the children who we got to know during our voluntary service. 

Quality education
Career opportunities

Through a quality education the children are offered more career opportunities.

Less unemployment

The unemployment rate in South Africa in 2013 was at 25.2%. Help these children so they will not become a part of it.

Secure income

You get a certain amount of food security (ecological self-sufficiency) and especially life safety.

Right to equality

Trough a structured progressive school system all children get the same treatment, regardless, of whether they come from the city or a village.

Strengthen self-confidence

The children realize that they are worth as much as other children. They just need to get the chance to prove themselves.

Expand the horizon

The children rarely see anything other than the village. Visiting a city school would make their everyday experience different and change their life perspective.

Fulfillment of personal interests

By providing individual support at city school personal interests and strengths of the children can be encouraged. This encourages the opportunity for self-realization.