Tlholego School

In January 2022 we opened our own little school – “Tlholego School”.

After Harmony School (which all of our school children have attended so far) announced that they would no longer be offering classes R (pre-school) to 4, we had to find a solution for our little ones quickly. Since there are hardly any affordable schools in the area, we decided to find a teacher who can teach the children on the property of Tlholego – where we already have the facilities and which is close to their home.

We found a great teacher – Taryn, who has been working with children from all over the world for many years. In her studies with the kids she places a great focus on holistic learning, including movement, play, fun and sustainability. Since the children will be directly involved in a permaculture farm, they will learn a lot about growing vegetables, recycling and sustainable agriculture.

On this page we will keep you up to date. If you would like to donate to the school, you are welcome to do so with the purpose “Tlholego School”. All information about the donations can be found here.