12. June 2017
Boitumelo Seabelo
Birthday:October 15, 2007
Favorite animal:Dog
Favorite color:Yellow
What does she want to be?:Answering the question, what she wants to do when she is grown up, she immediately said: „I want to work.“ After thinking for a while tough she came up with the idea to work as an police officer in order to arrest criminals.

Boitumelo is a shy but really sweet little girl. She is the quiet one within the group and therefore a balance to the loads of energy of the others. Even tough she does not talk a lot, she will just unexpectively walk up to you and grab your hand or cuddle up.

She was the last one of the older children to join the group, but already speaks very fluent English. She shows her cleverness by always being the first one when there is something new to learn. Especially if you spend time with her alone, you realize how fast she processes new information and how much she knows for her age.

This also helped her to adapt to the new community and to develop in the first months at Tlholego. Everyday again you can watch her grow and discover her personality. If you spend time with her, you will never want to leave her again.

She might be comparable to an iceberg – maybe you will just see the peak reaching out of the water on first sight but if you take a second look you will realize that there is so much more to discover underneath the surface.

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